Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2017-08-20] ACS National Meeting in Washington DC

843 2017.09.10 18:05




Jaehong and Daehwan attended 254th American Chemical Society Nation Meeting in Washington DC, USA, from 20 to 24 August 2017. Jaehong gave a poster presentation about “Catalytic Activation of Amphiphilic Janus Microparticles at the Oil-Water Interfaces”, and Daehwan about “Fabrication of Cell Membrane-attractive Deformable Polymeric Micelles for Enhanced Transdermal Delivery”. It was a great experience for us to listen renowned researchers' hot talks. The weather in Washington DC during the meeting was so fantastic. Fortunately, we could watch the total solar eclipse. This was the first total solar eclipse to pass over the United States in 99 years. Many people gathered around the park to observe the eclipse. We absolutely had a great fun at Washington DC.


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