Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2012-04-16] MRS Spring Meeting at SF

2,920 2012.04.16 13:14




Prof. Kim and four graduate students attended 2012 MRS Spring Meeting at San Francisco from April 9 to 13. Prof. Kim gave an invited talk on "Uniform Hydrogel Shell Particles: Fabrication, Shell Permeation, and Optical Responsiveness", and four graduate students, Jonghee, Soyoun, Min Kyung, and Youngsun, gave a poster presentation about "Interfacial Features of Monodisperse Poly (methacryloyl Phosphtidyl Choline) Hydrogel Microspheres Fabricated in Micro-capillary Devices". It was a great fun for everybody to listen hot topics on materials science and to enjoy San Francisco.

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