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[2012-08-14] Prof. Kim on Chosun Daily

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Chosun Daily newspaper has released an article about Prof. Kim's research activities. Six years ago, he initiated a research collaboration between Amore-Pacific R&D Center and Prof. David Weitz at Harvard University. The goal of this project is to develop "an artificial cell-like structure", which is fabricated with unique polymersome-based materials. The commercial name of this material is "Abcell" of which main function is to encapsulate and release antioxidants as well as depigmenting ingredients. The article tells the story about how Amore-Pacific was able to develop Abcell with Prof. Weitz and Prof. Kim. Their effort, strategy, philosophy,... Take a look at the attached article. For more information, also, visit weitzlab homepage (<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


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