Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2013-03-01] Opening of new lab space

2,349 2013.03.01 20:56




We are so pleased to announce that ASML has opened a new lab space in Room 206 at ERICA Research Center. Researches on colloid synthesis, vesicle fabrication, and petroleum engineering are carried out in this new lab. Currently, Geunju, Jang Woo, Sang Koo, Min Kyung, Eun Seon, Shahinur, and Hanhee are working there. To open this lab, all ASML members have done a very excellent job last winter. Especially, we do thank Interlees for provide a financial support (for more info, visit In fact, we are going to make joint researches with Interlees. This will afford opportunities to develop truly valuable colloid science and technology and others... Research collaborations with good companies are enjoyable~  


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