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[2013-05-02] KSIEC Spring Meeting in Jeju

1,963 2013.05.07 15:07




Prof. Kim and five graduate students attended KSIEC Spring Meeting in Jeju from May 2 to 3. Each student gave a poster presentation. Sangkoo gave a poster presentation about "Synthesis of silica nanoparticles grafted with zwitterionic polymer brushes and their applications for nanofluids", Mintae gave a poster presentation about "Fabrication of Microgel-in-Liposome Particles with Improved Water Retention". Geunju gave a poster presentation about "A facile approach to stabilize Pickering emulsions by generating complex colloidal layers at interfaces", and Sinae gave a poster presention about "Fabrication of natural microfibers with zwitterionic polymer brushes by using surface initiated ATRP". Aram also gave a poster presentation about "Microfluidic fabrication of hollow-structure zwitterionic hydrogel microcapsules with tunable shell permeability". It was really enjoyable for us to introduce our recent  researches. Also we could learn and get information by listening many other interesting talks. The weather in Jeju during the meeting was perfect. We are so happy and proud of having Jeju in this country. Superb natural landscape!


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