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Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2014-05-20] 2014 AMN in Taipei

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Prof. Kim and Sang Woo attended 2014 ADVANCES IN MICROFLUIDICS & NANOFLUIDICS (AMN) in Taiwan from May 20 to 22. Prof. Kim gave an invited talk about "Microfluidic Fabrication of Complex Colloidal Materials". He also had a meeting with Prof. Keng-hui Lin at Academia Sinica to discuss a research collaboration between their labs. Sang Woo gave a poster presentation about his recent study on "Fabrication of Uniform Elastomer Shell in Microfluidic Device". When we were there, it was a rainy wet season. Even though it rained a lot, we really enjoyed Taipei. The Taiwan foods and beverages were fantastic. So we were able to stand such heavy rains.


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