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Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2014-07-02] ASML Sports Day

1,616 2014.07.15 11:57



We had a sports day in the evening of July 2. We were divided into 2 teams; Prof. Kim, Sang Koo, Jin Yong, Sinae, Eun Seon, and Hanhee, Ji Eun vs. Jang Woo, Sang Woo, Tae Seung, Kyounghee, Aram, Eunsook, and Jeong Won. We enjoyed playing dodge ball, mission race, basketball, and football. All the members were in competition each other to get gift tickets. It was a little bit rainy but we couldn't left our precious day in ruins. When all the games were over, we were tired out. Surprisingly at that moment, it started to rain a lot. What we have to do was just to threw our exhausted body into the rain.

MOM : Jin Yong Lee. He made a wonderful goal in the football game, which led the team to victory...


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