Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2014-10-27] IFSCC 2014 in Paris

1,828 2014.11.13 15:30




Kyounghee, Jun Bae, and Sang Woo attended The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) 2014 in Paris from October 27 to 30. Kyounghee gave a poster presentation about her recent study on “Extremely Stable Nanoemulsions Fabricated by Effective Assembly of PEG-b-PCL Block Copolymers”. Sang Woo also gave a poster presentation about recent research on “Uniform Polyurethane Elastomer Fabricated in microfluidic device”. It was great time for us to broaden our knowledge about cosmetic researches in the world. Absolutely, we had a great fun with all of Paris. It was just enjoyable being in the Parisien crowd.


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