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Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2015-02-04] Welcome new members

1,310 2015.02.04 18:53



This semester, Jin Yong have made a big step forward Ph.D. He works on "synthesis and assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers". He is making a wondeful job. We have three new members, one Ph.D student, Song-Ee and two master students, Woo Jin and Yearam. Song-Ee works on "fabrication of pressure sensing microparticles", Woo Jin on "fabrication and assembly of Janus magnetic microparticles", and Yearam on "synthesis and assembly of associative nanofibers". Also, three undergraduate students, Bohyun, Hyemin, and Jaehong have initiated their ASML life. Welcome all!!! Try to learn a lot and achieve what you want while staying in ASML!!!


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