Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2015-11-25] ACCIS 2015 in Sasebo

838 2015.12.21 17:43



Prof. Kim, Jangwoo and Woo Jin attended Asian Conference on Colloid and Interface Science (ACCIS) 2015 in Arkas Sasebo, Japan from November 25 to 27. Jangwoo gave a poster presentation about his recent study on “Fabrication of Uniform Janus Microspheres by Photopolymerization-driven Phase separation and their Asymmetric Functionalization with Nanoparticles”. Woo Jin also gave a poster presentation about recent research on “Uniform Janus Magnetic Microparticles : Fabrication, Positioned Array, and Pressor Sensing”. It was a good chance to broaden their knowledge on colloid & interface science. They also enjoyed traditional Japanese food, curry and sushi.


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