Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2016-05-02] KSIEC Spring Meeting in Yeosu

911 2016.05.09 14:13




Prof. Kim and five graduate students attended 2016 KSIEC Spring Meeting held at EXPO, Yeosu from May 2 to 4. Each student gave a poster presentation. Jangwoo gave a poster presentation about “Synthesis of monodisperse bi-compartmentalized amphiphilic Janus particles for tailored assembly at the oil-water interface”, Jieun about “Novel transition metal dichalcogenide antioxidans for dermatological application”, Hyemin about “Thermally responsive multilayered nanoemulsion films fabricated by layer-by-layer deposition”, and Bohyun about “Microfluidic synthesis of highly monodisperse gelatin microparticles for Embolization”. Especially, Woojin was awarded a prize for excellent poster presentation. His poster was about "Fabrication and 2D positioned array of conductive Janus magnetic microparticles for high performance pressure sensing". Great job!!! It was a great experience for us to listen renowned researchers' talks and many other hot talks. The night see in Yeosu was very beautiful and made our spirit purified. We are so happy and proud of having the city in this country. Superb natural landscape!


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