Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2016-10-27] 2016 KSIEC Fall Meeting in Jeju

1,154 2016.11.04 15:58




Prof. Kim and ASML members attended The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) Fall Meeting in Jeju from October 27 to 28. Prof. Kim gave a talk about his recent research on “Shear stress-responsive smart nanofluids”. Jang woo also gave an oral presentation about “Synthesis of anisotropic hybridization of monodisperse bi-compartmentalized amphiphilic Janus Microparticles”, he was awarded the grand prize for graduate research in presentation!!! The others gave a poster presentation about their recent researches, respectively. Especially, Hyemin was awarded a prize for excellent poster presentation. Her poster was about “The first approach to fabricate multilayered smart emulsion films by layer-by-layer deposition”. Great job!!! It was a great experience for us to listen renowned researchers' talks and many other hot talks. The landscape of Jeju was very beautiful and made our spirit purified.


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