Dept. of Chemical and Molecular Engineering

Advanced Soft Materials Lab


[2017-08-18] ASML sports day

553 2017.08.29 11:37




We had a sports day in the afternoon of August 18. First, the 2nd ASML bowling tournament was held at a sport center. A team of Hyeri, Seulgi, and Prof. Kim won the tournament. They received one-day vacation ticket as a reward for winning. Sadly, a team of Hanam, Bohyun, and Hakyeong took the second place. They received only a word of warm congratulations. After the bowling game, we were divided into 2 teams, #331 lab team and #206 lab team, and played mission race, basketball, and football. The football was a big match for Hyeri and Doyeon. Doyeon scored 2 goals, which led #206 lab team to victory. The weather was a little hot but it could not hinder our enjoyment. We were totally exhausted when all the games were over. But delicious port jelly was waiting for us for dinner, so we were able to finish the day well. It was a very pleasant day to remember.


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